Alone, I will go faster, but together we will go further..”

covoiturage bluebird

Urban carpooling is not a new idea, it is the sharing of a vehicle by people making a similar journey. Getting to work without stress and sharing a moment of conviviality can no longer be a luxury. Concerned about the impact of greenhouse gases on our environment, the company BLUEBIRD wishes to participate in the protection of the latter. By developing this urban carpooling service, we become part of the city’s policy and contribute to the improvement of air quality. The exponential growth of the population pushes a category of people to settle in the surrounding rural communities. The distance from the centers of interest such as the train station, the airport, the city center etc. increases the traffic difficulties in our agglomeration. By reducing the number of vehicles on the main axes, we adopt a citizen behavior that associates us with the effects of work-driving, the regional project of the big bypass and the rail freight. The glaring and striking report of a large number of people alone in their vehicles, stuck in traffic jams at the gates of the city, must awaken our consciences and push us to act. This service conveys the notions of optimization and interconnection. It revolves around existing infrastructures and BLUEBIRD will be the link between the surrounding communities and the nerve centers of Bordeaux (St Jean train station, airport, relay parks). Taking advantage of travel time can also be a great way to expand your network, being in the presence of people who share common values. At first, we hope to see many of you visit this page to communicate your expectations and aspirations using your profile as support. This information will be very valuable to optimize and set up a service at the best value for money. By using this service, you make an eco-responsible gesture for our future at all.   

 “Today is to the reflection but tomorrow is up to us to act”