Bordeaux, the city where the number of restaurants is the highest per inhabitant, does not lack charm. Its world renown is not to be proved more for the wine but also the gastronomy. Do you want to enjoy a good meal without worrying about logistics? Do not wait for a taxi anymore? Bluebird ensures your move to the Bordeaux downtown restaurant of your choice. Book your table among our partner restaurants, our Bluebird drivers will accompany you and accompany you safely to your home. We selected among many restaurants of Bordeaux and its region, exceptional places for a guaranteed gourmet experience. Thanks to Bluebird private drivers Bordeaux, go for a drink or a dinner in town without worrying about paying parking will now be a formality!



L'Exquis restaurant is located in the heart of the city of Bordeaux. Indeed, just a stone's throw from the Grosse Cloche rue Saint James, historic building of the Belle Endormie, this restaurant combines French cuisine and Japanese culture thanks to its chef Tetsuroh Miyamoto.He devotes his cooking to the discovery of new flavors by combining regional products and Asian products, making his cuisine a unique and tasty experience. In addition, this restaurant has a rich and varied menu of Bordeaux wines and the sommelier of the restaurant will be happy to help you to grant food and wine at your request.


The Chez Pompon brewpub has become a must in Bordeaux. Their address is in the golden triangle of the city, they are known young and old through the modern lifestyle they advocate daily for several generations. You will find on the map (regularly renewed) of this institution fresh products of the market and season. Whether you go there for lunch or dinner you can enjoy a real moment of sharing, exchange and conviviality. It is also in a warm setting that you can enjoy their rich and varied wine list


The restaurant "Les Mauvais Garçons" offers a refined and modern menu, in the heart of Bordeaux. In the oldest building in Bordeaux, their second activity is mixology. Eager to offer exceptional products, they used the brand "Original Bartenders" for a line of ten cocktails. So you can sip a drink to the rhythms of live Dj's, present every Friday and Saturday until 2am. And again, we opt for premium! Les mauvais garcons have therefore attracted the best references from Bordeaux and elsewhere. And thanks to a fine blend of old and new the place has a crazy class!


In the heart of the St Pierre district and close to the Camille Julian place, the Comptoir d'Etienne's team welcomes you in a 13th century establishment, in the middle of a sumptuous and modern minimalist setting. Its large table near the fireplace offers a friendly atmosphere and the wine bar is ideal to start your evening with friends. Good news on the side of your plate, the cuisine of the market is in the spotlight, the dishes are delicate and generous and lovers of good food will be satisfied.